AliExpress Dropshipping Business Plugin version 1.20.2 for WooCommerce: Free Download

AliExpress Dropshipping Business plugin for WooCommerce allows you to quickly and easily import AliExpress products into your WordPress WooCommerce store and send them directly to your clients. You can also use affiliate programs to start your AliExpress dropshipping business (AliExpress Portal or Admitad).

AliExpress Dropshipping Business Plugin free download

Features of AliExpress Dropshipping Business plugin for WooCommerce 1.19.16 Nulled

  • Import any AliExpress products.
  • Variations in products
  • AliExpress's shipping options and price markups
  • AliExpress content can be filtered by product customization.
  • Auto-updates of inventory and prices
  • Order fulfillment and tracking are automated thanks to the built-in image editor.
  • Automated pricing
  • ePacket Product Reviews can be used to filter products.
  • Aliexpress dropshipping business & affiliate marketing translation option
  • Add-on for Chrome
  • Pricing in many currencies
  • Bulk Orders with Cash-Back System
  • Split Variants of the Product

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AliExpress Dropshipping Business plugin for WooCommerce 1.19.16 Nulled (Changelog)

  • Issues with the manual update feature have been resolved.
  • Compatible with WordPress 5.9
  • The order (tracking) sync's user experience has been improved; it now resembles that of order fulfillment.
  • Colored order fulfillment button; "AliExpress order ID" is a link to the AliExpress order page; "AliExpress order ID" is a link to the AliExpress order page
  • The order edit page now has a better user experience: added an "eye" button that directs the user to the frontend product
  • EPN account settings were fixed.
  • Feature "Restore products from the trash" has been added.
  • Fixed: During order fulfillment, the correct currency is assigned for products. (Please note that Chrome extension version 1.37 or higher is required.)
  • The split feature has been fixed.
  • The loadHTML issue has been resolved.
  • Fixed: processing of empty descriptions was skipped.
  • Product cost that is displayed in external products is fixed.
  • The logic for updating external products has been fixed.
  • Fixed: when a product variant's availability is altered, an email is sent with the updated status.
  • When the package is received, the state of the fulfillment order changes from "Completed" to "Canceled" or "Pending Payment."
  • The product synchronization issue has been resolved.
  • An issue in the shipping countries list has been fixed.
  • The product shipping meta is now saved.
  • In price formulas, a divide-by-zero error was fixed.
  • Information about Admitad account settings has been fixed.
  • The option to "examine thumb width" has been added.
  • The Setup Wizard tool has been added, allowing you to quickly configure the plugin.
  • Fixed: when you change the currency in the plugin settings, the currency in woocommerce is also adjusted.
  • The option to "choose nation" has been added. You can import customer reviews from any country or just a few specific nations.
  • The option to "Skip empty review" has been added.
  • The option to "Skip reviews with keywords" has been added.
  • Improved: The "Reviews per product" option now allows you to specify the minimum and maximum amount of reviews to import for each product.
  • The "Delete 'Ship From' attribute" option has been added, which allows you to automatically remove the 'Ship From' property during the product import.
  • The product editing page now has a "Sync product with AliExpress" button.
  • The "Allow duplication" option has been added, which allows you to import product duplicates. This is especially useful when trying to override the same product.
  • The translation template file has been updated.
  • The shipping computation in the Import List has been fixed.
  • When an order is manually produced in the Woocommerce backend, an issue was fixed.

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