Element Pack Pro version 6.0.13 – Addon for Elementor: Free Download

Element Pack Pro – Addon for Elementor: includes the most regularly used elements (known as widgets) that allow you to drag and drop your website content. Seriously, no programming experience is necessary!

The all-new Element Pack Pro for WordPress Elementor page builders offers very powerful and super-flexible widgets and A to Z crucial extensions. Exploration of properly coded widgets with first-rate assistance without risk!

The Element Pack addons for the Elementor Page Builder Plugin were created utilizing the latest CSS, HTML5, and PHP 8.x technology to provide professional addons for the Elementor Page Builder Plugin that are WordPress 5.8.x compatible and ready.

Element Pack Pro free download
With the Element Pack for Elementor, which covers the most often used elements, you can easily manage your website content using drag-and-drop capability (called widgets). It is multilingual and compatible with the latest WPML plugin, with over 15 languages available.

All Elementor widgets you'll ever need are included in Element Pack Pro. This is the first plugin to bring together all of the available widgets, both on and off the market, to optimize their performance. This is a bespoke plugin with several functionalities to pick from.

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Features of Element Pack Pro v6.0.13

  • Carousel Widget
  • News Ticker
  • Post Slider, Post Card, Post Grid
  • Post Grid Tab, Post Gallery
  • Post List, Post Block, Post Block Modern
  • Portfolio Gallery, Portfolio Carousel, Portfolio List
  • Single Post
  • Testimonial Grid, Testimonial Slider, Testimonial Carousel
  • Table of Content
  • Thumb Gallery
  • Timeline
  • Accordion, Image Accordion
  • Advanced Image Gallery
  • Business Hours
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Circle Menu, Circle Info
  • Custom Carousel, Custom Gallery
  • Comment
  • Device Slider
  • Document Viewer
  • Fancy Slider, Fancy List, Fancy Card, Fancy Tabs, Fancy Icon
  • Flip Box
  • Honeycombs
  • Image Expand
  • Panel Slider
  • Pricing Table
  • Dark Mode
  • 360° Product Viewer
  • Featured Box
  • Google Reviews
  • Help Desk
  • Iframe
  • Interactive Card
  • Logo Grid, Logo Carousel
  • Marker
  • Mailchimp
  • Offcanvas
  • Progress pie
  • Protected Content
  • Reading Progress
  • Search
  • Scroll Button
  • Social share, Social Proof
  • Source Code
  • SVG Image
  • Tag Cloud
  • Table
  • Trailer Box, Twitter Grid, Twitter Carousel, Twitter Slider
  • Total Count
  • QR Code
  • User Register, User Login
  • Video Player
  • Vertical Menu
  • Weather

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Element Pack Pro v6.0.13 (Changelog)

  • Interactive Tabs Widget now has a single column and column reversal on desktop options.
  • Advanced Heading Widget now has a text-shadow option for split text.
  • Advanced Image Gallery Widget now has a Link Type Image option (Thanks to David Stauble)
  • The Global Lightbox Extension now has a navigation style option (Thanks to David Stauble)
  • Image Stack Widget's tooltip problem has been resolved (Thanks to Benjamin Wazin)
  • The User Login Widget's dropdown width problem has been resolved (Thanks to Alex Nasla)
  • The Logo Carousel Widget's target problem has been resolved (Thanks to Dimitri max)
  • Marker Widget's target problem has been resolved (Thanks to Nuno Madeira)
  • Thumbnav and Arrows Alignment issues have been resolved in the Thumbs Gallery Widget (Thanks to Gabriel Sirbu)
  • The size of the navigation arrows has been adjusted in Google reviews. Widget
  • Alignment of icons The Accordion Widget's RTL problem has been resolved.
  • In User Login and User Register Widgets, focus text, placeholder, and background color options have been included.
  • Hidden Object All carousel-type widgets now have an opacity option.
  • Advanced Counter Widget now has an inline counter text option.
  • Domain Link On/Off, Dropdown Content Menu Typography, Dropdown button icon size, and Avatar Icon option added in User Login Widget Advanced Google Map Widget List View features added in Advanced Google Map Widget Alignment option added in Post Grid Widget (Thanks to Alex Nasla)
  • Instagram Widget now has icons, overlays, and link targets (Thanks to Stefan Zahnd)
  • "Improved Asset Loading" problem solved in all Carousel and Slider Widgets with the addition of an offset option in the new Query Control.
  • The shortcodes issue has been resolved.
  • The skin vertical carousel widget now has a solved image width problem.
  • The skin Alice carousel widget now has a solved hover opacity problem.
  • Member Widget's Dynamic Field problem has been resolved (Thanks to Thomas Crawford)
  • Gravity Forms Widget's editor page style problem has been resolved.
  • Live copy conflict issue fixed.
  • Cookie Consent Widget now has a Dynamic Field Option (Thanks to Rene Bolsenbroek)
  • The FAQ widget now has a new query system (Thanks to George Kepnick)
  • Overflow Price Table Widget now has a hidden show/hide option.
  • Slider Widget now has overlay and content max-width settings.
  • Custom gallery widget now has a button margin option.
  • The parallax effect extension now has a target option.
  • Issues with required fields have been resolved in the Simple Contact Form Widget (Thanks to Gabriel Sirbu)
  • Circle Menu Widget's icon problem has been resolved (Thanks to Chris)
  • Switcher Widget's Trigger Dynamically option has been corrected (Thanks to Martin Hancko)
  • The icon problem with WooCommerce's 360 Product Viewer, Custom Carousel, Social Proof, and Scroll image widgets has been resolved.
  • The bug with empty URLs has been resolved in the Advanced Google Maps widget.
  • The Add to Cart Widget's alignment issue has been resolved.

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