Top 10 Ways to Increase Organic Website Traffic 2022

Many organizations find it challenging to develop new and creative techniques to increase website traffic. Getting more visitors to your website might be difficult because of the abundance of inaccurate information available online. This can lead to the use of ineffective tactics again and time again.


Here are the top 10 ways to increase website traffic in 2022 both organically and through paid advertising.




Keyword Research


Always add keywords that are pertinent to your topic. Keywords should be utilized in a natural way, not crammed to the point where they obscure the primary fact or cause the reader to lose interest. The meta description, the page title, the URL, headers, and a few times within the item are all places where keywords should be included.


You may utilize tools like Moz, Ahrefs, and SEMrush to do keyword research. Several websites may help you find out what your competitors use as keywords, how frequently people search for keywords, the cost of pay-per-click advertising, similar keywords, etc. In addition, an SEO service may provide vital insights and undertake audits to uncover issues preventing your site from being indexed by search engines.


Aim to Create Memorable Content


If you want to stand out from the crowd on social media, you must post content. Valuable and memorable content is a proven method of increasing traffic to your website.


When people type in a query, they want detailed, complete, and accurate answers, and your content should be there to deliver them. Blogs produce 434% more search engine indexed pages than websites without them. As a result, sites that pay more than 16 articles per month receive roughly 3.5 times more traffic than those that write zero to four pieces per month.


The mainline is that your website's traffic should increase if you are concerned about the content you provide, post frequently, and conduct research to learn what your audience wants to see.


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Write Guest Posts for Others


It is a great approach to get backlinks, enhance referral traffic, and improve your search engine rankings by guest blogging on other websites. It would be best to always do your homework before pitching a website in your field.


Look at the website's quality content first, then look at its domain authority and read the requirements for guest blogging. The magazine should also inquire about social media promotion and whether or not they'll tag you in the piece.


Active Social Media


When it comes to bringing in customers, the power of social media cannot be understated. It may be used in a variety of ways to boost visitors to a website:


Use your social media accounts to share content (e.g., blog posts, e-books, white papers, videos, etc.)

Respond to followers' comments, repost their stuff, and include their handles in your posts.

Tags should be relevant.

The URL in your bio should be updated whenever new content is released.

New content may be promoted by changing the cover photo on your Facebook page and tagging influencers who might be interested in it.

Respond to other people seeking information by pointing them to your website or article.


Boost Your Website's Traffic Using Ads


Pay-per-click, social networking, and display advertising all have the potential to increase visitors to a website significantly. Considering that consumers may block display advertisements and Google Ads on the search network have an average cost per click of $1 to $2, it's critical to establish a spending limit and specific goals before plowing money into any choice.


A good rule of thumb is to begin your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns with many separate ad groups, each containing the keywords you want to focus on most. Observe how audiences respond to various keywords after campaigns are underway. Perhaps one term generated simply impressions, while the other generated clicks and conversions.


Email Newsletters


Using email newsletters to promote your content is a great strategy to improve website traffic. Some of the best practices in email marketing are as follows:


The subject line and the body of the email should contain compelling details from the content.

Subscribers can access more content by clicking on a link or a button.

Check to see if your emails are mobile-friendly. As much as 46 percent of all email openings are on mobile devices.

The name of the subscriber should be included as a personalization approach.

Using well-designed themes may help make the email more aesthetically attractive.

Compare the open and click rates of two different email drafts using A/B testing.

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Outreach to Influencers


Influencers in the industry are always looking for great content to share with their audiences. In order to reach influence, companies can use a variety of methods, including:


If you cite an influencer's content or study in your piece, tag them in a social media post.

You may ask the influencer to participate in an interview or Q&A, then tag or contact them when the content is published. They'll probably share your stuff with their followers.

The content should be promoted on social media by tagging each influencer involved in the round-up.


You may hire social media influencers to post sponsored content on their accounts for you.

Using tools like HypeAuditor and BuzzSumo can help you locate the right influencers in your field, or you can hire a digital marketing agency to conduct the outreach for you.


Create Helpful Tool or Content


For example, our content marketing business designed an editorial calendar template that anybody could use for free. We intended to make it easier for content creators and publishers to collaborate on projects.


To aid people in your sector, you should create various valuable tools and content and then give them for free on their websites. You may increase your revenue and acquire new customers by publishing gated content and resources (providing content and tools for the user's contact information). Promoting the content and tools on relevant LinkedIn groups or forums where people in the industry connect is another strategy to enhance website traffic.


Press Releases to Important Publications


Business owners who want to publicize their products or services shouldn't merely post press releases on a syndication website and see what happens. They must actively promote the release and submit it to prominent websites and newspapers in their respective fields.


When we want to share positive news about a client, we send it to their business media and blogs that are read by their target audience. That way, we may generate hundreds of new prospects for the customer while increasing traffic through word-of-mouth recommendations.


Involve Others in Link Building


So many companies are looking to boost traffic to their websites that backlink exchanges abound. Offer your content as an extra resource for the site to incorporate in one of their pieces by reaching out to relevant websites. You may also propose a mutually advantageous backlink swap, in which you offer to add one of their links to a post of yours as well.





When companies follow these guidelines, they may expect to see increased website traffic. In contrast to some of these methods, others will require more time and patience. Analyze your progress by experimenting with several ways and evaluating the outcomes.

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