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MemberPress Pro WordPress Membership Plugin - is a straightforward WordPress membership site plugin. It will allow you to start charging your users for access to your content immediately.

It will let you create, manage, and monitor membership memberships and confidently offer digital download items. MemberPress also lets you manage your members by giving and taking away access to posts, pages, videos, categories, tags, feeds, communities, digital assets, and more, depending on which memberships they have.

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Features of MemberPress Pro WordPress Plugin

The setup is effortless

We think setting up your WordPress Membership Site should not need a Ph.D. in computer science. Designed MemberPress Pro plugin to be the easiest-to-use membership site software available. Install the plugin, deliver your payment gateway information, and add some goods to get started.

Strong Access Rules

MemberPress Pro lets you customize what information your users view depending on the membership or digital items they've bought. MemberPress may limit access to pages, child pages, posts, custom post types, categories, tags, and any other file in your WordPress installation.

Premium Discussion Forums

You may use MemberPress Pro to build your password-protected community when installing and using a WordPress-based forum. MemberPress works with BBPress and several other WordPress forum plugins.

Coupons That Aren't Horrible

Coupons make it superficial to organize promotions and giveaways. As a consequence, they are an essential component of every internet establishment. With MemberPress Pro, you can develop as many coupons as you want, regulate when they expire and how many times they may be used, and even customize your deal codes.

Extremely Long-lasting and Secure

At MemberPress Pro, we learn how to create outstanding WordPress plugins. Do you know what the words Pretty Links and Easy Affiliate mean? We developed these as well as several additional plugins. MemberPress was built up with tight WordPress integration, using PHP and's best coding standards for reliability and security. For years, we've operated MemberPress both internally and for our customers. MemberPress has shown its value in the real world, and it is now ready to put its expertise to work for you.

Beautiful Pricing Pages

MemberPress Pro makes creating dynamic pricing pages for your membership items accessible and powerful. You may modify the order of your items, the text, and the look and feel, among other things. MemberPress comes with a plethora of price page templates by default. So your price page looks beautiful even if you don't use any CSS or HTML code. As an pro user, you may create your CSS styles or completely modify your WordPress theme by building a page template. Because group pricing pages are standard WordPress custom post types, they are simple to alter.

Compatible with any theme

MemberPress Pro works with any WordPress theme. So, regardless of whether you're using a StudioPress, WooThemes, another company's theme—or even a custom theme—MemberPress should work well for you.

Affiliate Program 

MemberPress Pro created another plugin called Easy Affiliate, and the two are still buddies. Easy Affiliate is a fantastic affiliate scheme that is simple to implement into your WordPress site. We'd know because we wrote it! The designers of MemberPress designed Easy Affiliate with small company owners in mind. We strive to provide the most significant affiliate program available to assist you in significantly boosting your revenue.

Relevant And Clear Reporting

You'll never be in the dusk about how your membership website is doing with MemberPress Pro. We've put a lot of review into MemberPress reporting to ensure that you receive all the information you need and none of the crap you don't. MemberPress reports will constantly inform you how much money you're bringing in, which goods are selling, and much more.

Simple Payment Gateway Integration

It may be complicated and time-consuming to set up your website to charge customers for digital items or bill them for subscription products. Complex gateway settings have also disappointed us. With MemberPress Pro, all you have to do is enter your gateway API credentials, then configure any alerts the gateway wants, and you're good to go.


Complete Subscription Management 

It's not a half-baked solution—MemberPress Pro enables your members to establish, manage, upgrade, or cancel subscriptions directly from your website. There is no complex setup because MemberPress leverages the payment gateway's automatic invoicing systems. You can feel confident that your payments will receive on time and that MemberPress will provide or deny access to your members based on those payments.

Consistent Support

Setting up a WordPress membership site is straightforward with MemberPress Pro. However, there are times when you need help. We offer a detailed User Manual that covers every admin page and function in MemberPress. If you need assistance, our support staff is here to help. Consider what people are saying about MemberPress's customer service.

Extensible to the max

Our comprehensive integrations support a wide variety of services. You can integrate your custom code with many WordPress actions and filters as a developer. You may adjust almost anything since MemberPress Pro is installed on your server and uses numerous built-in WordPress capabilities.

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MemberPress Pro 1.9.37 (Changelog)

  • Unknown index Notices from PHP
  • SourceMaps Developer Tools warning error Stripe tax rate mistakes
  • HTML inconsistency in privacy policy
  • Stripe Checkout does not support eCommerce tracking shortcodes.
  • Options with two factors not visible if BuddyPress integration is used
  • In PayPal Standard, return handling sometimes leads to the account page.
  • Updating Credit Card Information on Stripe Subscriptions Imported

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