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Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin with over 375,000 sales on the Envato marketplace, is one of the most prevalent WordPress sliders for WordPress websites. You may use the Revolution Slider responsive jQuery plugin to build powerful image sliders and carousels, social network feeds, Hero Headers, Content Modules, and many other features. This plugin offers a powerful visual editor with a plethora of contemporary features and choices for creating a stunning slider for a website. Slider Revolution has auto-layout decisions and is very responsive. Sliders made with this plugin will automatically resize to fit the screen's width. This plugin's visual editor is incredibly user-friendly and eye-friendly, supporting dark mode. It is simple to create a slider using this plugin, and even a novice may do it in minutes.

slider revolution free download

The Slider Revolution plugin also has an extensive library of pre-made designs that include all media elements, such as photos and icons. Importing and using such templates is as simple as a single click. Slider, carousel, hero, special FX, Social Media, and more themes are available. Installing professionally developed add-ons may also be used to increase the capabilities of the Slider Revolution plugin. It supports 27 paid add-ons for adding various transitions and effects to the sliders, such as before and after, paintbrush, distortion, etc. This plugin was meticulously developed with performance in mind. That is, it does not affect page loading speed. Overall, Slider Revolution is a feature-rich and responsive WordPress slider plugin. You may buy a Slider Revolution license by using the sales page or free download Slider Revolution with addons from the link below.

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Features of Slider Revolution – Responsive WordPress Plugin by themepunch

  • Intuitive design tool
  • Options that are quick to react
  • You don't require to know how to code
  • 200+ Pre-made templates that are ready to go
  • Isolated event 27th constructor of the Hero Headers framework Support for additional functionality via add-ons
  • Slideshow Videos
  • Intuitive dark UI
  • Improved load times
  • Support for several browsers
  • Options for more complex animations
  • Presets for animation
  • Layer groups that have already been created in advance
  • Fonts, icons, photos, movies, and more are all part of the 2500+ items object collection.
  • Theatrical elements
  • There are no limitations to what can be achieved
  • The slide delay for the parallax background
  • Setting the transitions
  • Various forms of media assistance are welcome.
  • sliders for before and after comparison
  • The slider featured in the post
  • Effect of a typewriter

Slider Revolution v6.5.22 (Changelog)

  • The gyroscope accelerator on iPhone devices may now be requested with a new action.
  • Added the ability for models to be used as advertisements when the page scrolls
  • Lottie Addon, narrator: A new maxdpr parameter has been added to the Lottie canvas renderer to aid with speed optimization.
  • When using the most recent version of Elementor, the deprecation notice _register controls() appear.
  • After stopping and restarting the video, if the video was previously muted, the video will automatically mute.
  • Elements obscured by masks in Safari exhibit broken edges and rendering difficulties.
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) (i.e., speak-as and willow filter)
  • A newline in WP PLUGIN URL causes a JavaScript error (\n\r)
  • slide number 1 is incorrectly shown by metadata current slide index
  • The Vimeo stream becomes choppy when used with a poster, and the YouTube video becomes pixelated.
  • Vimeo videos may only have a maximum of 20 videos.
  • When using the Panzoom effect to open a particular modal slide, it fails
  • For the slider to load entirely on mobile, the layer with lengthy text has padding on the right.
  • The slider editor has problems if the WooCommerce Advanced Quantity plugin is activated.
  • Slower loading times are caused by hosts that restrict access to external servers.
  • Added meta tags reveal unwanted categories.
  • Console errors prevent the deletion of global layers.
  • Padding is generated using static layers with percentage-based width or height on mobile devices.
  • According to the company, event listeners are not recommended by Google for page performance.
  • The 6.5.17 bug After a transition, the Advanced Transitions slider flashes
  • Due to third-party add-ons, an internal hook was added to allow for layer position and dimension manipulation.
  • If the external URL is empty, it is impossible to change the slider dimensions.
  • If a slider contains too many slides, Safari 15 on iOS may crash.
  • After searching for and cleaning a video, YouTube mutes it once again.
  • Charts On Safari, the chart is more minor due to a browser-specific problem.
  • Charts Due to a browser-specific problem, the chart values seem to be offset from their actual location.
  • Panorama Add-on: The poles seem blurry if the picture loads slowly on slow computers.
  • Layers in the editor do not have advanced opacity rendering enabled.
  • Force overflow causes layers to be buried on mobile devices and visible on Android Chrome.
  • When using Slider Revolution in preview mode, third-party object extensions might cause it to crash.
  • When the URL bar height changes on a mobile device, it does not consider the mobile device's size.
  • The editor script overwrites the variable when opening a WordPress media modal.
  • Because $attr1 is unknown in post-based sliders, an error occurs.
  • The use of a CDN subdomain fails advanced transitions.
  • Unable to see a live preview of the Gutenberg block
  • The template does not update after removing the blank page option in the Gutenberg editor, the template does not update.
  • There is no way to get Slider Revolution settings to appear at the top of a WordPress page.
  • Problems with bottom margins on fixed slider scroll operations in which the Slider is taller than the page
  • Advanced transitions are ignored when exporting modules.
  • Dropdowns in the module editor might cause issues in the media library.
  • A recent upgrade causes an increase in carousel height whenever a slide is brought into focus. 6.14 and 6.13
  • Logs and mistakes are visible in certain circumstances, although they are not always.
  • Some older layouts have problems with menu animations.
  • In certain circumstances, a JS error occurs because of a clash between underscores.
  • Overwriting the global variable in js and a few editor scripts
  • The middle row zones will be out of alignment if the carousel is dragged rather than activated by navigation buttons.
  • Metadata for Instagram displays the system time instead of the date of the related Instagram post.
  • After saving and reloading the editor, resizing an SVG layer is no longer possible because of the size choices.
  • The editor only shows live and preview when advanced rotation, opacity, and filter effects are applied to the mask container.
  • Dragging the carousel lets you utilize the hover zoom without it being masked.
  • The line-height of the STRONG tag is different from the line-height of the layer itself (25 by default).
  • When using backdrop filters, Safari issues JS warnings.
  • JS errors cause a pop-up modal not to appear when you scroll down.
  • Wise size inheriting will not be used for menu burger buttons and scroll-down buttons to prevent odd spacing on tiny displays.
  • Version 3.9.0 of GSAP has been installed.
  • It could not install an Add-on because of a problem comparing versions (hotfix).
  • New Feature: Slider Revolution Add-ons may now be managed using Three.js and WebGL.
  • It is now possible to download slider templates even if the current version cannot process the data. This is a bug fix.
  • The blurry and 3D animated parts on mobile devices have been fixed (i.e., Black Friday Template).
  • Fixed Due to an invalid id failure, static HTML5 video layers cannot be loaded into the editor.
  • The slide backdrop video now has a play button.
  • Since the use of WordPress-based caching has been fixed, Slider has been unable to be correctly preserved.
  • Layer in an SVG To style all SVG elements in the layer (such as ellipses, polygons, and other shapes), a new option called "Style All Elements" has been added.
  • Shortcode builder choices now include a "URL hash" pop-up.
  • Other minor updates and bug fixes are also included.

slider revolution

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