Divi WordPress Theme v4.17.6 Free Download

Divi WordPress Theme Free Download is WordPress's lightest and most powerful visual page builder theme. Using its modules, you can easily make beautiful, professional web pages. 

Before, this builder was only available with the Divi theme. Now, Divi Builder can be used with any WordPress theme, not just the Divi theme. All WordPress themes work well with every part of this plugin. This builder uses an interface called "What You See Is What You Get." You can add, delete, and move things on your website's front end. 

You don't need to know how to code to use this page builder on your website. Divi Builder works with more than 40 website modules.

Divi WordPress Theme Free Download

You don't have to worry if you don't have time to build page layouts from scratch. You can also choose from more than 800 pre-made layouts that professionals have made. You can also copy the design of an already-made page. With its beautiful hover effects, Divi Builder will let us turn page modules into interactive elements.

Divi WordPress Theme Free Download

Features of Divi Builder – WordPress Page Builder Plugin

  • Powerful editing options
  • Drag & Drop page elements
  • Front-end editor
  • Responsive editing options
  • Custom CSS support
  • Save and reuse your designs
  • Inline text editing
  • 40+ modules
  • Allows to import from 800+ premade layouts
  • Sliders
  • Call to actions
  • Well optimized
  • Forms builder
  • Doesn't slow down your website
  • Testimonial support
  • Customized divider shapes
  • Typography options
  • Hover effects
  • Advanced filter and effects support
  • Text shadows and effects
  • Options to control border settings
  • Allows to add animation into any element
  • Most Efficient
  • Deep drop shadows
  • Undo, Redo, & Revisions

New in Divi Builder v4.17.6 (Changelog)

  • The background options group now has a new advanced gradient builder control.
  • Refactoring the event listener in utils/mouse.js to be more efficient made VB run faster.
  • ETBuilderRoot's mousemove event listener has been removed.
  • Changed the way the ETBuilderPageSettingsBar component works when adding or removing an event listener.
  • Improved the speed of VB by stopping specific actions from being done on every click when they weren't needed.
  • Improved the speed of VB by making the event listener in utils/keyboard.js work better.
  • Helper functions were not being loaded in some cases, which caused errors when 3rd party modules were saved automatically.
  • Fixed a bug that made the background size of the Post Slider Module different on the front end in some cases.
  • Fix: A bug that made it so that the left padding for specialty columns sometimes didn't work.
  • Fixed a problem where the "View Details" link for products on the latest version was not set up correctly.
  • Background Settings helper class was the cause of a PHP error in Extra Theme.
  • Changed the Background Settings so that the Image Position option will show up for all image repeat options.
  • Fix: A bug was making it so that the Button Background Settings didn't look right on the front end.
  • Added a new design setting called "Background Masks." Background masks give your backgrounds new shapes and visual effects by putting a frame around them.
  • Added the new setting for Background Patterns. Background Patterns go on top of your background elements to give your page more texture.
  • Added a new option for the Background Image Size.
  • We've added new Background Image Offset options so that the position of the background image can be changed.
  • Now, the "Place Gradient Above Background Image" option works with background images that move differently.
  • Now, you can copy and paste background options between the standard and specialty sections.
  • When more than one output element is added to the same Woo module, the duplication problem has been fixed.
  • Fixed builder being laggy after adjusting draggable sizing.
  • Fixed PHP warning when Contains conditional logic for Custom Field is used and the second custom field value is empty.
  • When the Popup Maker plugin is active, the animation of a module no longer works.
  • We have added options for Logo Width and Logo Height to the Menu module.
  • The bottom alignment of a full-width header image wasn't working with the default layout.
  • When you save, the global color set on the hover state now overwrites the normal state.
  • When the Relevanssi Premium plugin is turned on, the Blog module shows the correct posts.
  • Bug fix: When the Rank Math plugin is turned on, the color picker input shows up.
  • The last contact from the item was not getting the custom padding-bottom set in the module's settings dialogue. This has been fixed.
  • When hover content is turned on, links are no longer clickable on IOS.
  • Fixed responsive content that wasn't being shown on devices with small screens.
  • Fixed responsive content that wasn't shown when it had anchor links.
  • The page no longer jumps when you click on the pagination links in Gallery.
  • Few other changes and bug fixes.

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