Advanced AMP ADS WordPress Plugin v1.19.28: Free Download

Advanced AMP ADS WordPress Plugin: It is now possible to effortlessly place advertisements from any AD network between the content. There are seven distinct ad sizes available, and there is also an option that enables you to choose the number of paragraphs that should come before the ad is displayed. Additionally, it is compatible with Link ad units.

Advance-Amp-Ads free download

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Features of the Advanced AMP ADS WordPress Plugin v1.19.28

  • Ads within the content: It allows you to add ads between the content.
  • Sticky ads: This one displays an ad that sticks on top when the user scrolls.
  • Custom AD option that enables any AD network support.
  • Supports Link AD Units from Google Adsense.
  • Better content monetization.

Advanced AMP ADS WordPress Plugin v1.19.28 (Changelog)

  • Custom Ad Support in Sticky Ad.
  • Advertisement Tab is removed from the core plugin when this extension is activated to avoid confusion.
  • amp-ad js is properly added for standard ads(5 & 6).
  • Option to enable/disable AMP on a specific post is added.
  • The missing spacing between images and ads has been resolved.
  • Incompatibility issue resolved.

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