JetProductGallery v2.1.4 - WooCommerce Gallery WordPress Plugin: Free Download

JetProductGallery WooCommerce Gallery Plugin Free Download is a WooCommerce gallery plugin to make galleries for WooCommerce products look good. Show images of products that change on the fly. You can zoom in and out to see a picture better. JetProductGallery can be bought as a single plugin or as part of a set.

jetproductgallery free plugin

Features of JetProductGallery v2.1.4 - WooCommerce Gallery Plugin

  • Classy-looking Gallery Slider
  • Fit for displaying product galleries
  • Great for creating product image sliders
  • Supports product video overviews
  • Excellent layout with Galley Modern
  • Scroll down to see more
  • Spectacular grid to view products
  • Custom styling
  • Product lightbox controls
  • Pagination
  • Product image zoom
  • Gallery Dynamic tags
  • Advanced options and more

JetProductGallery v2.1.4 - WooCommerce Gallery Plugin (Changelog)

  • Fixed: Main slider image after variation change in Single Product template.
  • Added: Mute option for videos.
  • Tweak: Self-hosted video print method.
  • Tweak: Plugin naming.
  • Update: JetDashboard 2.0.9.
  • Fixed: Fraction and progress pagination reverse loop sliding values.
  • Fixed: Elementor global styles applying in Self-hosted video player.
  • Fixed: Self-hosted video in the popup.
  • Fixed: Minor bugs.
  • Fixed: Navigation functionality in Gallery Slider widget.
  • Fixed: Gallery Slider widget image width.
  • Fixed: Featured image display in Gallery Slider widget with different transition types.
  • Fixed: Gallery Slider thumbnails alignment.
  • Added: New controller pagination types.
  • Updated: Widgets styles.
  • Fixed: Self-hosted video autoplay and loop functionality.
  • Fixed: Photoswipe gallery trigger position.
  • Fixed: Gallery Slider rendering with a fade animation.

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