Affiliate Egg Pro v10.4.2 Affiliate Marketing WordPress Plugin: Free Download

Affiliate Egg Pro v10.4.2 Affiliate Marketing WordPress Plugin: Any owner of a successful affiliate website will tell you that local shops with a lot of traffic are the best places to make sales and get paid. Affiliate marketing has a lot of good plugins, but they only work with extensive networks because small shops don't have their API and don't join any affiliate networks. Because of this, the WPSOUL team made the Affiliate Egg plugin, which works with many shops that no other plugin does.

Affiliate Egg plugin free download

What is Affiliate Egg Plugin

The affiliate Egg plugin is a simple and effective way to make money from your WordPress sites. The plugin adds content blocks to your site that have affiliate products and helps you make money online.

Features of Affiliate Egg v10.4.2 Plugin 

  • No need for program approval, no need for API. You can use the plugin immediately after installation.
  • Set schedule Price update.
  • You can use the plugin with any theme.
  • Separate product parsing and multi-product parsing of categories, search results, and deal pages.
  • Auto update of product list.
  • Autoblog feature. Insert link on shop category, and the plugin will take new products from a variety and post them on your site as separate posts.
  • Several output blocks (grid, list, product card, etc.)
  • More than 100 supported the best local shops, and we add more and more each month.
  • Support Custom cookies to get the correct currency from multi-currency shops.
  • Deeplinks and SubIds.
  • Proxy support.
  • Parsing search pages (for example, you can create a set of products with a definite price range and conditions sorted by popularity from the original shop.

Affiliate Egg v10.4.2 Plugin Supported Shops

Affiliate Egg has collected all customer suggestions over several years and compiled a list of the finest businesses with the best terms and fees. You can earn a higher percentage of sales than you would on Amazon. Even if you could not discover a merchant, we provide lessons on making custom parsers (for developers) and a premium service to design your own module.

  • Ebay
  •  Wiggle
  •  Jumia
  • And many others… Here is the complete list of Affiliate Egg supported shops which are sorted by currency.

How Affiliate Egg Plugin Works

It's pretty simple. Copy the shortcode and add a link in the storefront to the shop or category page where you want to receive the data. Shortcodes may be used in any element of your website. The plugin then continues to operate in automatic mode. To ensure that you always have the most up-to-date information, update the pricing and availability of items and products in the directory regularly.

Where to Use

  • Product Review Websites
  • Niche thematic sites
  • Sites on autopilot
  • Creation of trade showcases

Affiliate Egg Plugin (Changelog)

  • Added: Support for Scraperapi service. 
  • Added: Support for Proxycrawl service. 
  • Added: Support for Scrapingdog service.

Affiliate Egg Or Content Egg?

Another fantastic plugin the team developed is Content Egg for Affiliate Marketing. So, which one is the best option? The correct response is "both," as both perform duties that are functionally equivalent to one another, albeit in distinct ways. While Content Egg employs APIs provided by networks, Affiliate Egg utilizes direct web parsing. Because most of their customers purchase both plugins, they've decided to build a connection between Affiliate Egg and Content Egg. This will provide you with a familiar environment and the added benefits of combining the two plugins.

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