XT Variation Swatches Pro For WooCommerce v1.8.5 Free Download

XT Variation Swatches Pro For WooCommerce Free Download is a WooCommerce addon that turns uninteresting variation dropdowns into beautiful swatches. If you own a WooCommerce store, it goes without saying that you want to provide the most excellent possible purchasing experience to the customers that visit your website. 

XT Variation Swatches Pro WooCommerce Free Download

The more enjoyable the experience is for your customers, the more probable they will purchase from your online shop. When exploring for items, having the option to examine numerous iterations of a single item is a handy feature. Making things appear more enticing is one way to provide consumers with a better overall buying experience and attract more customers.

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XT Variation Swatches Pro For WooCommerce Free Download

Features of XT Variation Swatches Pro WooCommerce 

  • Attribute types: (Dropdown, Label, Color, Image)
  • Live Preview Customizer (All Options)
  • Automatically convert Dropdowns to Label Swatch by default
  • Customize options for single products/archives independently
  • Attribute Label Position (Above / Before Swatches)
  • Automatically convert Color Dropdowns to Image Swatch
  • Hide Variation Reset Link
  • Hide Attribute Label
  • Swatch Styles: (Square, Circle, Rounded)
  • Attribute Quick Edit Supported
  • Adjust Swatch Vertical & Horizontal Gap
  • Adjust Swatch (Width, Height, Alignment)
  • Adjust Swatches Container Spacing
  • Enable Tooltip (Text or Image)
  • Adjust Swatch (Width, Height, Font Size, Colors)
  • Adjust Tooltip Image Size
  • Adjust Tooltip Background & Text Color
  • Override global swatch settings within the product page
  • Adjust Tooltip Border Size & Radius
  • Enable Catalog Mode
  • Mix swatch types for the same product. Ex. Image / Color
  • Support display in Quick Views

XT Variation Swatches Pro WooCommerce Documentation

Please keep in mind that the original creator of these scripts offers separate pricing for technical help, which you may pay if you need it for any of these files. It will aid them financially, which is essential for their further growth.  Live Demo 

XT Variation Swatches Pro WooCommerce (Changelog)

  • Support: PHP 8 
  • Support: Removed deprecated warnings
  • Update: XT Framework update
  • Update: Freemius SDK update
  • Fix: JS error occurring on swatch click when its value contains a space
  • Fix: Minor CSS fixes for disabled attribute swatches
  • Fix: Freemius Security Fix

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